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Sibling Care

Do you have a little one...

...and are concerned about how to make days work to help in the preschool?


For the convenience of parents with younger children, we offer a parent-run sibling care option. The sibling care is in a room off the Preschool’s main room. Parents participate in the sibling option by sharing duties of childcare during the time their child is in preschool. All families that participate share equally in the cost of covering insurance fees. This cost will vary depending on how many families participate. It will approximal be $85 for the school year 2022/23. Scheduling of sibling care is mostly handled by the parents who are involved in sibling care. Sibling care is only offered from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday we offer the minis class for toddlers. Toddlers must be 12-23 months by August 31 of the year they attend the class.