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Preschool Class

In-Person Preschool Class

Inviting all children ages 3 to 5!

Children learn and grow as they play: exploring the world around them and finding their place in it. At Unity Cooperative Preschool, we foster a child’s natural curiosity in a spacious, sunlit, play-based classroom setting. Our classroom has several spaces for children to learn through free-choice play including Art, Blocks, Sensory, Dramatic Play, Large Motor, and the Library. Time is devoted in each class period, during Circle Time, for music, singing, movement, and stories. To join the class, children must meet the minimum age requirement of 3 years by August 31st.

To align with COVID-19 safety measurements and to create a more intense learning experience, the preschool class is divided into an A and B Group. While Group A is learning together in the learning room, Group B explores the different learning centers. Then they switch. For safety reasons and to encourage children to try different areas, there will never be more than five children in one learning center beside the learning room at the same time.

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We also offer an optional STEAM extensions class. It allows extended time for children 4 and 5 years old to continue classroom activities and take learning to a deeper level. This extra time beyond the regular class schedule starts with additional social time at the lunch table, which also allows students to practice crucial lunchtime skills needed for Kindergarten (eating on a schedule, opening baggies, containers, etc.). After lunch, these Explorers will dive into a curriculum focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Up to 12 children will stay after regular class time for this additional hour as part of the Explorers class. The Explorers STEAM program meets 2 days a week after the regular preschool time. Children must meet the minimum age requirement of 4 years by August 31st.