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Online Socializing

Preschool Online Option

Our Online Option includes circle time via Zoom, take-home activity kits, access to our toy lending library, outdoor playgroups, a parent education course, and more!

Circle Time, via Zoom

  • Join our teacher for fun and engaging, circle times that incorporate stories, songs, and learning games.

  • Circle times will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the late morning.

  • Register for one, two, or three circle times per week as fits your family’s schedule. Your child will attend only on the days of the week you have signed up for. 

  • Each student will receive their own circle-time bin to borrow that includes things like egg shakers, scarves, chalkboards, and more.

Online Class

Take-Home Activity Kits

  • Every other Monday, you will get one Take-home Activity Kit. Each kit includes two weeks’ worth of STEM & art and other curriculum extension activity materials. Activity kits will be handed out drive-thru style at the center.

  • Custom videos or written instructions for the activities will be posted on our website.

  • Families can take pictures and share their creations with friends and the teachers on our Facebook group.

  • Add a sibling kit for an additional $10 per month. Families that add on sibling kits, can also receive extra circle time supplies by request. 

Weekly Recorded Lessons

  • Our teacher will be recording lessons for families to enjoy at their own pace.

  • Lessons will include storytelling, social-emotional learning, letter recognition, and more.

Toy Lending Library

  • Check-out preschool toys, games, and manipulatives to bring home and enjoy!

  • Families can borrow toys on activity kit pick-up days, enjoy for two weeks, and then return at the next kit pick-up.

  • Strict safety and sanitation protocols will be followed for all toy lending.

Outdoor Playgroups

  • Join a playgroup with other Unity Cooperative Families to meet and play at the preschool playground weekly! This is an optional preschool opportunity for families that feel comfortable meeting in person.

  • Playgroups are casual and parent-led, they give students a chance to get some much-needed socialization! Playgroups are about 45 min. long and parents must stay.

  • Groups are small (10 people or less, about 3-4 families) and stay the same from week to week.

  • Strict safety protocols are followed including health screenings and face masks (masks required for children 3 years and up as well as parents).

Toy Shop

Bonus Zooms

  • Bedtime Zooms – twice per month our teacher will host an evening bedtime story or calming activity.

  • Families will have opportunities to share about their culture, traditions, professions, etc. so that we can get to know each other better.

  • Field trips, show and tells, & other fun virtual gatherings will also be available.

Parent Education Course

All members of Unity Cooperative Preschool are enrolled in a Parent Education Program. The benefits of this are:

  • Monthly parent education classes held virtual on Zoom. Parents learn new parenting skills, discuss early childhood education topics, and share parenting challenges, goals and successes.

  • Weekly check-ins. Members are able to reach out to their instructor for help with parenting challenges.

Tuition 2022

1 circle time per week - $60/month

2 circle times per week - $75/month

3 circle times per week - $90/month


Registration Fee - $40

Parent Education Tuition - $60/quarter in Fall, Winter, and Spring.

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In addition to our online option for preschoolers, we offer an in-person class. Click the button for more information.